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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Sept. 21, 2011

Presidents Diversity Council 9/21/11 

Attendees: Stacey Timberlake, Kathy Lewis, Shanté Hearst, Jerel Benton, Charles Holloway, Evangeline Day, Clarenda Phillips, Brice Yates


• Shanté Hearst was welcomed
• She is the Coordinator of Multicultural and Inclusion. She serves as an advisor for three students organizations
• Came to MSU in the end of July from San Diego, CA

SEEDS (Students Empowering Exceptional Individuals)

• Student organization that services student disabilities. Students in local high schools and middle schools will be matched with a mentor with similar disability.

• The Board of Regents has approved the new Diversity Plan
• We are now eligible to do new academic programs
• Need to put focus on retention
• Make sure students know about Math Lab in Lappin Hall
• We do not get message out enough to students about services that are provided
• Part of Diversity Plan is closing the gap between the races

Areas that need to be focused on

• Stacey asked question about if anything is in place to take over MSU 101
• Clarenda stated that some information was supposed to be carried over
• FYS is set up as an academic class.

What cab the Diversity Council do to assist in areas or move the University forward?

• Charles asked what can the Diversity Council do to assist you in your area or move the University forward
• Clarenda asked where are we on the University master calendar. Clarenda pointed out that there are two Diversity Events scheduled for Oct. 3
• Shanté mentioned that the university calendar is booked
• Clarenda mentioned there should be a point person
• Brice mentioned send diversity events to him to place on web
• Jerel mentioned that if there are any students struggling send them to Allie Young
• Evangeline mentioned that there are students that fall through the crack. Students may read the syllabus but that is it. The syllabus states that Evangeline is in Allie Young not ADUC
• Stacey mentioned that there is a place in Louisville that is teaching the blind and impaired on using technology (McDowell School). All students through Insight attend that training
• Evangeline mentioned that videos do not provide caption
• Clarenda mentioned that some schools put up a transcript of what is being said
• Stacey mentioned that if there are any students with disabilities that are successful to send them to Evangeline
• Sign up for SEED

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