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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Sept. 7, 2011

Presidents Diversity Council 9/7/11

Attendees: Ritta Abell, Evangeline Day, Stacy Timberlake, Kathy Lewis, Charles Holloway, Brice Yates, Matthew Sparks, Jerel Benton, James Gordon

Charles Holloway welcomed everyone back to the new school year and gave an update to where we currently stood on our Diversity Plan, campus, and our tentative enrollment numbers.

During June the GMSCPP (Governors Minority Students College Preparation Program) was held on campus June 12th – June 16. We had 33 students in attendance. We worked with Maysville, Hazard, and Ashland Community and Technical Colleges. We also hosted the Jr/Sr. Proficiency Conference on campus. We hosted over 130 African American students and parents on campus June 17 and 18. Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) and the Council on Post Secondary Education (CPE) put this on. The council stated that we need to ensure we utilize our times while camps are on campus. These are great ways to ensure that we have a pipeline for future students. We need to determine how we can WOW the students while they are on campus.

The Insight program had 18 students on campus and they had their debriefing two weeks ago on the program. One event that the students on MSU really enjoy having is the Ball with Bells competition. Evangeline reminding the council to be sure and speak with our students as we see them on campus. She also stated that if we see things that are out of place that we need to ensure that we report these issues since they might be an issue for other students.

Diversity Plan

Plan has been approved and reviewed by the Committee on Equal Opportunity (CEO) and will be reviewed with our Board of Regents at their meeting on September 15th. The Board was provided a draft copy of the plan earlier in the year, but the plan they review at their next meeting will contain the targets and action items that CPE asked that we include in the plan. Charles Holloway is working with Institutional Research team to develop a campus climate that will also be a part of the plan.

Chief Sparks stated that we do not talk enough about how safe our campus is. We are in the top 4 to 5 percentage of safe campus. We will highlight how safe our campus is as a link off the Diversity Website as well as the Campus safety website. We will also look at how can we better showcase our police officers. Chief also stated how at one time students were aware of what the officers did because it was reviewed in MSU 101. This allowed the officers to be engaged with students. Also the SGA provided an Appreciation Dinner for the department.

Stacy reported that the group has written their constitution to become a student organization, and that they will be participating at a Transition Fair. SEED pairs students in local schools, grades 7-11, with similar disability needs.
Kathy Lewis stated that there was a Tutoring Lab in 108 Lappin Hall (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.) Charles stated that even though we have a large number of students on campus, we will need to focus on ensuring that we keep the students here. We need to ensure that students are aware of the services on campus that will make them successful.

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