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Daragh Porter
Degree(s): Business Administration
Year(s): 1977 & 1984
Hometown: Springfield, OH


"Morehead State University has played an important role in my life. The education I received at MSU prepared me well for a successful career in corporate America. In addition to a quality classroom experience, faculty and staff express a personal interest in the students' development.  Being the first person in my family to receive a bachelor degree, the added attention was significant in my professional development and confidence. For this I am most appreciative and support MSU. There is a more important reason I support MSU.

MSU plays a significant role in the livelihood of my home town and home state by continuing to provide educational opportunities to many high school graduates in Kentucky and surrounding states. MSU graduates can be found in a variety of professional fields, including the important roles in our school systems, local businesses, and city and state positions, among others. As alumni, our support of Morehead State University indirectly influences the continued growth and livelihood of our hometowns."

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