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Amber Philpott
Degree(s): Communications
Year(s): 2003
Hometown: Lexington, KY


 "For a little girl who dreamed of being nothing more than a television news journalist, Morehead State University is a place that allowed me to believe dreams really do come true! When I arrived at MSU in the fall of 1999 I started my quest of pursuing my dream and four years later that dream became a reality because of the education and real world experience I gained while on campus.

I truly believe college is what you make of it, a place that allows you to grow and learn about yourself. I always thought I would go to school, get my degree and get a job, but along the way something happened—I fell in love with the university and everything about the college experience.

I am so proud to call MSU my alma mater; it is a place that I hold dear in my heart, a place that helped define Amber Philpott as a person and as a working professional."

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