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What is the Waitlist?

When a course has reached its maximum enrollment, students may add their names to the “waitlist” for the course. Students will be placed on the waitlist in the order of their request. The wait list offers students a chance to enroll in the class if other students drop.

Purposes of the Waitlist

The department uses waitlists in two ways: 1) to assess demand for a given course and 2) to maintain a chronological record of students who are interested in taking a class but who could not because the class reaches maximum enrollment. 

A chronological record facilitates fair access because it offers students on the waitlist an opportunity to enroll in the course if a student enrolled in the section drops. When a student enrolled in the section drops, MSU’s Datatel Network emails the first student on the waitlist. If multiple students enrolled in the course drop the class, Datatel emails the same number of students on the waitlist in the order they were added to the waitlist. For example, if Student A signs up for the waitlist on July 20, he/she will be ahead of Student B who signed up for the waitlist on July 24.

PLEASE NOTE: Signing up for the waitlist DOES NOT guarantee the ability to enroll in the course! If a student drops, Datatel will notify the FIRST person on the waitlist, and others if necessary in the order they signed up. The University’s network does not notify students as to their positions on the list. The only way for a student to guarantee enrollment in the course is by registering for the course before it fills up. To increase the likelihood that a space will be available in a desired class, students are advised to register during the initial registration period. (If a class is full, students may opt to be placed on a waitlist.) 

 Student questions should be directed to the English Graduate Advisor, Dr. Annie Adams, 

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