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How to Register

The My Morehead State portal allows students to search and register for sections completely online. (If you haven’t registered your “My Morehead State” account, please click here for instructions). 

  • Log on to “ MyMoreheadState
  • Locate the box on the right hand of the page that includes three tabs (“My Info,” “Services,” and “Bookmarks”)
  • Select “My Info” and find the “Registration” link below (should be the third down)
  • Click on “Registration” and select one of the four options in the dropdown menu: “Search for Sections,” “Register for Sections,” “Register and Drop Sections,” “Manage My Waitlist.” 
  • Click on the links in their listed order to search and register

Recently admitted students are often surprised to learn that they may not be able to immediately enroll in classes for the upcoming term. If graduate sections are already full by the time a student is admitted to the program, that student will only be able to place him/herself on a waitlist. Normal patterns of enrollment usually ensure that a number of waitlist students officially make it in to classes, but the waitlist is no substitute for being officially listed on the roster. (For more on the waitlist, click here.) Students who assume that acceptance guarantees an open seat in a class may find this initial delay inconvenient, but they soon come to realize that the flexibility of our admission and program completion processes outweigh any initial inconvenience. Instead of micro-managing enrollment by forcing all prospective students to apply at a set time before pre-registration and requiring existing students to enroll in a proscribed number of hours each term to work their way through the program, we just let students know that they may encounter some registration difficulties their initial semester and encourage them to utilize early registration every subsequent term they choose to take classes. 

Students who wish to secure a seat in a particular course, or enroll in a certain number of hours within a specific semester, should register for classes on the first day of early registration. Dates for early registration for upcoming semesters can be found within the Class Schedule on the Registrar’s site.

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