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Degree Requirements

As a regional institution serving a geographically isolated region, MSU has long made an investment in various forms of Distance Learning and currently offers a number of programs, including the Master of Arts in English, entirely online. Like our traditional program, the online program offers students a solid background in English language and literature, and it includes thesis and non-thesis options. The only difference between the degrees lies in method of delivery. Students who take courses online are offered the flexibility of a virtual environment. [A student in the on-line program may include some face-to-face classes when feasible.]

General overview of program requirements:

The M.A. degree requires 33 hours of course work in English and related fields. Of these 33 hours, 27 must be in graduate English courses, and these English courses must include 12 hours in literature (with at least 3 hours in American and 3 hours in British literature), 3 hours in linguistics, 3 hours in writing, and 3 hours in the introduction to graduate studies course (bibliography).

Outline of required courses:

- ENG 603: Bibliography(3 hours)
- Writing course (3 hours)
- Linguistics course (3 hours)
- Literature coursework (12 hours, with at least 3 hours British and 3 hours American)
- English electives (6-12 hours, depending on coursework in related fields)
- Coursework in related fields(6 hours) [optional]

Coursework in related fields: Students enrolled in the program can take up to 6 hours in a related field of study. Many of our students choose to take coursework in Education, but History, Communication, Art, and Music are also viable related fields.

Thesis option: The thesis option is open to both online and on-campus students. Students who pursue this option will receive 6 credit hours (hours that count as English electives) for successfully writing and defending a critical or creative thesis.

Exit exam: All students are required to pass a written exit exam. A description of the exam is also available on our department website or click here. Students have the option of either traveling to MSU’s campus on the announced date of the exam or arranging with the graduate coordinator for a proctored exam at an institution close to home.

For more information on requirements: Please see the Graduate Catalog.

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