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Camden-Carroll Library
150 University Blvd.
Morehead, KY 40351


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U.S. Government Documents 

Camden-Carroll Library was designated a  Federal Depository Library  in 1955. We currently receive approximately 42% of the materials distributed by the Government Printing Office in Washington D.C. These materials are distributed in many formats including paper, microfiche, videotape, CD-ROM, DVD, and online/ electronic documents.

The U.S. Government Documents collection is located on the 2nd Floor of the Library and is open to the public. Most of the documents can be checked out of the library.

Camden-Carroll Library is one of 19 Depository Libraries in Kentucky. To find other Federal Depositories in Kentucky click here for a map and here for a listing. 

Policies: Collection Development Policy | Access to Internet Materials | Access to Electronic Materials  

Guide to Finding U.S. Government Information on the Internet

Policy for Providing Access to U.S. Government Information on the Internet

  • Camden-Carroll Library will provides computer workstations that are able to provide access to electronic and Internet resources, including government information in electronic formats.  These workstations will be available to any library user, including the general public.
  • Access to the workstation(s) will be provided free of charge to all users.  Any printing charges will be at the same level as for other library uses.
  • Camden-Carroll Library will not monitor usage or prevent access to any U.S. Government information through the use of filtering software or other technological solutions.
  • Any library user may suggest a U.S. Government information resource be added to the library's online catalog.  Suggestions should be made to Mykie Howard, the Documents Librarian, who will -- with the assistance of the subject liaison -- decide if the resource should be added.
  • The Documents Librarian will develop finding aids, web pages, and bookmarks to assist in locating government information on the Internet.

Approved October 1999

Policy for Providing Access to Government Information in Electronic Formats


Government Information - Information provided to the library through the Depository Library Program.

Electronic Formats - Information provided in digital formats such as floppy diskettes, CD-ROM, or other formats now used or developed in the future.


  • Camden-Carroll Library will maintain a sufficient number of workstations for providing access to U.S. Government information in electronic formats. The workstation(s) will be made available to all library users, including members of the general public.
  • Access to U.S. Government information will be provided to everyone free of charge. A charge may be incurred for printing at the same level as for other workstations.
  • Any electronic product not currently loaded on the U.S. Government Document workstation(s) will be loaded upon request. The Documents Librarian will ensure reference staff are trained to install materials on the workstation(s).
  • Any electronic product not designated at REF, REF-DOC, or "Non-circulating" may be checked out by library users according to the Library's circulation policies.

Approved: October 1999


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