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MSU Home :: Fines And Fees Appeals Procedures

Fines & Fees Appeals Procedures

Camden-Carroll Library patrons who have a dispute with the fines/fees that have been assessed in their name, may choose to have their dispute heard by the Fines/Fees Appeals Committee.


I. Before an appeal is filed, a discussion with the Head of Access Services, or a designee, should take place. If an agreement cannot be reached, the patron may wish to file an appeal.

II. The appeal may be filed in the Dean's office or the Access Services Department, using an appeals form provided.  The patron record will be modified to show the fines/fees being appealed, and that all holds and other limitations on library use will be removed until the appeal is decided.

III. The Dean of Libraries or, in his/her absence, the Head of Access Services, or designee, is required to submit all appeals to the chairperson of the Committee within three working days after the appeal is filed.

IV. Appeals shall be heard once a month on a regular schedule during the fall and spring semesters, with a 10-day notice to appellants.  The cut-off date for appeals each month will be 2 weeks in advance of the hearing date.  Appeals received after that date will be addressed at the next month's hearing.

V. The appellant may appear in person at the hearing and is allowed one other person to appear on the appellant's behalf.  Any evidence that the appellant wishes to submit may be presented, provided it is valid and relevant in respect to the appeal.

VI. If the appellant informs the Head of Access Services within a week of the hearing that he/she is not able to attend for a justifiable reason, the Head of Access Services may allow the appellant the opportunity to appear at the next scheduled meeting.

VII. If the appellant fails to appear at the first scheduled hearing without informing the Committee OR if the appellant is not present at the second scheduled hearing, the Committee will make a decision based on the information available.

VIII. The Head of Access Services, or designee, and the appellant will be notified of the Committee's decision within three working days of the hearing.

Copies of the appeals form will be distributed as follows:

White -- Committee
Yellow -- Access Services
Pink -- Appellant

File your appeal online 

Access Services Home Page 


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