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About Us

The Department of Biology and Chemistry showcases what is best about career preparation in biology and chemistry. Our programs and facilities are recognized throughout the state for excellence in preparing you to become a successful professional in your chosen field.  Faculty members are committed to providing outstanding instruction and advising, offering personal attention and hands-on learning opportunities. Students are not only successful in professional and graduate schools, they excel in them. As a student, you will develop practical skills and gain scientific insights in lecture and laboratory facilities that utilize modern technologies and provide hands-on experiences in nearly every course. 

Graduates from MSU’s Department of Biology and Chemistry are accepted to professional schools at a rate well above the state and national average, thus demonstrating the quality education you will receive at MSU. Below are professional school acceptance rates during the last five years, based on the number of students accepted versus the number of applications received:

  • Pre-Medicine: MSU, 90%; state, 45%; national, 38% 
  • Pre-Dentistry: MSU, 100%: state, 38%, national, 48%
  • Pre-Pharmacy: MSU, 88%; state, 45%; national, 50%
  • Pre-Physical Therapy: MSU, 70%; state, 44%; national, 28%
  • Pre-Physician Assistant: MSU, 85%; state, 35%; national, 14%

One of the best ways to learn science is through hands-on applications, and the Department of Biology and Chemistry at MSU sets high expectations for students by requiring more laboratory experience in their curriculum than and other state-funded institution in Kentucky. Using this approach will allow you to visualize abstract concepts presented in the lecture portion of a course, deepening your understanding of that concept. 
Many of the laboratory courses are taught from a research project-based format in which students are given mock research goals. It is their job to explain the assigned experimental question. The application of these inquiry-based techniques not only supports the concepts learned in lecture, but also provides the students with a skill set not normally found in college science graduates. The superior technical skills gained at MSU can be a deciding factor in whether students are admitted to graduate school.
In addition to excellent facilities and equipment support, the Department of Biology and Chemistry has an active Undergraduate Research Fellowship program. MSU has allocated money to support students conducting research with faculty members through an hourly stipend. Research opportunities include such projects as:

  • Characterizing the macroinvertebrate population of a pristine environment 
  • Analysis of coal by-products using energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy 
  • Refinement of a strategy for enhanced drug discovery 
  • Nanoscale-level examination of novel cellular structures employing atomic force microscopy

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost all careers associated with biology and chemistry were expected to grow at a pace “much faster than average,” including the health professions (pharmacy, physician, etc), environmental chemists, environmental biologists and cellular/molecular biologists. 
In our rapidly changing world, biologists and chemists will play an important role in solving problems related to health, industry and the environment, and graduating from MSU will give you the knowledge and skills you need to combat these pressing global issues.

To learn more about the Department of Biology and Chemistry at MSU, schedule a campus visit. You'll have the chance to tour the department's facilities, meet faculty members and current students, sit in on classes and more. 

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