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    Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education

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    Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education

Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education
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The Department of Foundational and Graduate Studies in Education (FGSE) has six main areas or programs. This includes Adult and Higher Education, Counseling, Educational Technology, Educational Foundations, Instructional Leadership, and Teacher Leadership.

Adult and Higher Education
Students may earn a Master’s or Educational Specialist in Adult and Higher Education. Designed with adult learners in mind, these programs develop the capacity of individuals to plan, organize, and carry through a variety of education and service programs in postsecondary and adult continuing education institutions. This program is not approved for rank change for public school teachers.

The counseling program includes Master’s and Educational Specialist degrees with options leading to certification as a school counselor and licensed professional clinical counselor. The Master’s program provides counselor education preparation and training of the highest possible quality thorough integration of excellence in teaching, currency, and relevance of curriculum and content. The EdS option allows students to specialize either in school counseling or in clinical counseling.

Educational Technology
Students in educational technology may earn a Master’s in Educational Technology, Rank I in Educational Technology, or a Doctorate in Educational Technology Leadership. The Master’s and Rank I programs are designed to support the efforts of teachers who are interested in integrating technology into their instruction and are interested in providing instructional technology and instructional design leadership. The Doctorate in Educational Leadership Technology is designed for the educational leader to provide leadership and support of colleagues through instructional design, curriculum development, and educational technology implementation and integration.

Educational Foundations
Foundations faculty serve a number of programs throughout the University. Divided into two main components; Psychological Foundations and Philosophical Foundations, related coursework is designed to provide a solid understanding of content upon which other programs are built. Foundations coursework includes human growth, history and philosophy of education, developmental analysis of learning, and education in context.

Instructional Leadership
Students may earn and Educational Specialist in Instructional Leadership (EdS) and a Doctorate in P-12 Administrative Leadership (EdD). The EdS in Instructional Leadership is divided into two levels. By completing Level 1 coursework students will be certified as a principal, instructional supervisor, and Director of Pupil Personnel and have five years to complete Level 2 coursework. The EdD in P-12 Administrative Leadership focuses on leadership from a district-level perspective and includes courses leading to certification as a school superintendent.

Teacher Leadership
The Teacher Leader Master’s and Fifth Year programs replace many of the educational master’s degrees and fifth year programs previously offered at MSU. In this program all students take a common core (18 hours for most areas) as well as a minimum of 12 hours in a specialized area. The specialized areas align with the variety of teaching jobs found in elementary, middle, and high schools. This program also includes an ‘Alternative Emphasis Area’ where students are able to work with their advisor and identify courses for their area of specialization not identified in one of the standing specialty areas.

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