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Tuan Hoang
Academic Program: Finance
Classification: Sophomore
HomeTown: Hanoi, Vietnam



Morehead State University’s reputation for diversity continues to spread not only in the United States but around the globe. With the cooperation of International Student Services and Enrollment Services’ international recruitment, MSU has extended its good name to places such as Southeast Asia.

Tuan Hoang, sophomore finance major, first learned about Morehead State, while in his home of Hanoi, Vietnam. He heard about the university from a friend who previously attended MSU. Viewing the United States as a country where people have many opportunities and can discover one’s own self, Hoang researched Morehead State and decided he wanted to attend.

Arriving at MSU, Hoang quickly felt Morehead was home. “MSU is a close-knit family. Class sizes are small and professors take time to know you which helps build relationships,” he stated. In Vietnam’s capital, he was accustomed to a high school classroom setting of 30 or more students.

Hoang has become a student leader on campus, working as a resident adviser in the Office of Student Housing. He was influenced by his RA from his freshman year, who spent time with him and other residents on his floor.

“MSU’s housing staff wants to reach out to students to let them know we are available to assist with problems that may occur. We are here to help students grow,” he said, noting that he wanted to be an RA to help international students feel comfortable.

“At times, international students can be hesitant to speak to American students, in fear of making mistakes when speaking,” he said. It only took Hoang a-year-and-a-half to learn the English language.

Hoang also volunteers at the International Student Services house at the beginning of each semester, to assist new students with their schedules and provide them with walking tours around campus. He is appreciative of the staff and the work they do.

“They help international students feel comfortable and show a true American culture,” Hoang said. Students frequently meet at the international house for movie night and popcorn.

Hoang spends some of his free time teaching basic Vietnamese words to friends he has made at the university. “I feel that people care and are accepting of international students when they want to know our languages,” he said.

He wants everyone to know that international students are here at Morehead State to receive an education, make friends and learn more about the U.S. culture. He advises others to be patient and not to become frustrated about language barriers. “It can be difficult on both sides, but those who put in effort have true lasting friendships,” he stated.

Arriving in the United States two-years-ago from a city of more than 6 million people, to now living in a small eastern Kentucky town, Hoang has found a place he can call home. “It’s really good to be here; I know I made the right choice.”

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