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Susan Ahmadi
Academic Program: Spanish
Classification: Sophomore
HomeTown: Morehead, KY


Spending a month in Segovia, Spain, was a life-altering change for sophomore Spanish major Susan Ahmadi of Morehead. With scholarships from the Academic Honors program and her high school, she was able to experience the beauty of that country.

Morehead State University provides various opportunities for students to study abroad during the fall, spring and summer semesters. As a freshman, Dr. Phillip Krummrich, chair of the Department of International & Interdisciplinary Studies, informed Ahmadi about study abroad programs. “Dr. Krummrich emphasized the importance of studying abroad and experiencing what the world has to offer,” she said. Ahmadi took this advice and with the guidance of Spanish professor Dr. Vicente Cano, a native of Spain, she chose to study in Segovia.

Ahmadi spent the month of June in Segovia, taking two Spanish classes and learning about the rich history and culture of the country. “Segovia is a very beautiful city; it feels like going back in time. The Spaniards preserve their architecture and this is instantly seen from their ancient Roman aqueduct,” she stated.

Ahmadi stayed with a host family, which allowed her to learn much more outside the classroom. The host family showed her around the city, taking her to various shops and stores, informed her about current issues and made her feel at home.

During her stay, Ahmadi traveled to Madrid, the capital of Spain, and witnessed a bullfight. “It was very symbolic and does not represent animal cruelty, as portrayed in the states; it was more of an art form,” she said. She also journeyed to Sevilla and watched a Flamenco show (a traditional Spanish dance).

While in the country, Ahmadi experienced the World Cup in a way that many soccer fans can only dream of. “When Spain played, people congregated for each game in Plaza Mayor, dressed in their Red Jerseys, and celebrated each victory,” she said. Spain was the eventual champions of the World Cup.

Ahmadi traveled about Spain, learning the culture and witnessing soccer fanatics at their peak, and having an experience of her life. “Any time is a great time to study abroad and the programs are not expensive. I had the misconception that I should wait until my junior or senior year,” she said. Interested students should contact Dr. Krummrich for more information.

Growing up in Morehead, being in love with the city, Ahmadi always knew she wanted to attend MSU. Morehead State continues to boast a 17:1 student teacher ratio that offers close interaction that many students prefer.

With the future goal of being an immigration lawyer, Ahmadi also is studying legal studies as a minor. Her parents came to the United States from different countries to further their education after they finished high school.

“ I have a passion for those who may not have the same opportunity as my parents. I want to help do things the right way and if I’m able to use my Spanish, I view this as success.”

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