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Required Dining Club (Not available Fall 2015)

Was an option for residential sophomore students only.
(30 - 59 credit hours, under 21)
Mandatory Meal/Dining Policy - Who is required to participate?

Beginning with the Fall 2015 semester, the Required Dining Club (RDC) will no longer be available.  Now offered is a $750 Flex only plan for Soph and up, including commuters.  Participation was not very active within the RDC due to the low dollar amount associated with it compared to the cost of goods.  This will also allow the declining balance account to interact with other meal plans in regards to rollover flex balances between fall to spring semesters.

All RDC rollover balances currently on student accounts will remain and be available for student until either depleted or forfeited per the RDC policies.

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