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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the features associated with the EagleCard and it's functions?

New in the fall of 2005 was the Residence Hall Door Access. New for fall 2006 was the "EagleCard ONLINE" secure web site. New for fall 2008 was, "Online Vending" and the contactless technology. All students and employees were recarded during the summer of 2008 during the implementation of the new HID iClass contactless tap-n-go system.

Why is a Meal Plan the Best Value?

Whether you live on or off campus, meal plans are by far the best value and most convenient way to obtain a meal while on campus. Meal plans are pre-paid at the beginning of each semester, keeping you from having to carry cash! With a meal plan, you are able to eat anywhere on campus at the most inexpensive price - as little as $3.99 per meal!

What are Flex Dollars?

Flex Dollars come with your meal plan and can ONLY be used in all on-campus Dining locations (6% discount). Flex Dollars are a supplement to your Meal Plan. Flex Dollars that come with your meal plan carry over from the Fall to the Spring semester as long as you purchase another meal plan for the Spring. THE FLEX BALANCE TO BE CARRIED FORWARD WILL BE ADDED WITHIN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS FEBRUARY IN THE SPRING SEMESTER.

What is a Meal Equivalency?

Students on a meal plan may select any menu item at most retail dining locations (mix and match).  One meal will be deducted from the meal plan when the items total up to $7.00.  Any amount above the $7.00 will be charged to the students flex dollars.

What is BeakerBUCKs and how does it help save me money?

It is the new all-in-one declining balance debit account that is accepted at all on-campus dining locations, University Bookstore, vending, lab printers, copiers, plus more. It saves you 6% every time you use it in any of the Dining Services locations.

Who is allowed to have and use BeakerBUCKs?

All students are allowed to participate in this optional account. Required students, freshman and sophomores, can have this in addition to their required meal/dining options.

When do I receive my EagleCard?

Incoming students (freshman and transfers) will receive their EagleCard ID's at their scheduled SOAR date.  Photos are taken that morning and ID's are distributed at approximately 1:30 that day.  Students who do not participate in SOAR may have their ID's made at the EagleCard Office, ADUC 107.  You must bring an official form of identification with you such as a drivers license. 

Is there a charge for my first card?

No. Your first card is free.

What do I do if I lose my EagleCard?

Notify the EagleCard Office ASAP so that a hold can be placed on your meal/dining account. Starting with the Fall '06 term, students can set up an account on "EagleCard ONLINE". From this site students will be able to put a hold on their lost/stolen EagleCard 24/7. As added protection against theft, a student will need to bring their found ID to the EagleCard Office for reactivation. This will stop anyone else from using it. Also contact U.S.Bank if your ID has been linked as an ATM card to your Eagle Checking Account. Look on line on the EagleCard News page to see if your ID number is listed. If it is listed your ID has been turned in to the EagleCard Office and can be picked up.

How much is a new card?

Lost/stolen card replacement is $20. Replacement of a damaged card (with damaged card presented at time of purchase) is $10. These prices are for students, faculty and staff.

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