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Energy Management Initiatives

Energy Conservation

Facilities Management initiated its Energy Conservation Program in 1994. The mission of the program is to effectively monitor, control, and reduce the level of energy-consumption necessary for the day-to-day operation of buildings and facilities at Morehead State University.

  • 1980 - Building Automation System (BAS) installed, allowing computer control of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.
  • 2000 - Siemens Building Technologies upgrads the BAS, installing APOGEE control panels and software in several campus buildings. Siemens also installs an InSight Energy Management System (EMS) software server in the Rice Maintenance Building.
  • 2004 - Lighting Upgrades. MSU enters into an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) in which older 40-watt fluorescent tubes were replaced with high-efficiency 32-watt T8 tubes.
  • 2008 - Electric Vehicles - Office of Facilities Management purchased several Chrysler GEM electric trucks to replace older gasoline-powered vehicles in the service fleet.
  • 2009 - Upgrades to the EMS, including new field panels in the Academic Athletic Center and the Claypool-Young art facility.
  • 2010 - Digital Energy Monitors (DEM's) installed in residence halls to monitor electrical usage. These allow for Energy Savings Competitions between residence halls. Also, HVAC-Equipment preventive maintenance program begins.
  • 2011 to 2014 Building Renovations - Nunn Hall, Alumni Tower, Mignon Tower, and East Mignon building renovations include panels and controls for integration with the existing EMS.
  • 2011 - New Construction - MSU's Space Science Center was the university's first facility to have both HVAC and lighting controls. The new Center for Health, Education & Research (C.H.E.R.), built to LEED standards, features integration with the EMS as well as lighting controls. The newly completed Student Recreation Center (LEED-Gold Certified) is also on the system, with lighting controls and a Greenscreen.
  • 2011 through 2013 - Residence Hall Energy Competitions resulting in over $35,000 of energy savings.
  • 2012 - ESPC with Siemens Building Technologies. Campus wide improvements that will save Morehead State over $775,000 annually in utility costs. In addition to lowering the university's ongoing operating costs, the university will curb its CO2 emissions by over 8,381 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting 75.3 acres of trees or removing 1,491 cars from the road annually. The university also will avoid costs of over $4 million during the program primarily from reduced plant operations and maintenance costs, freeing much-needed budget dollars for other educational expenses. Improvement measures include:
    • New 4,000 square foot natural gas-fired boiler plant to replace the university's outdated coal-fired plant, housing two new 900 horsepower steam boilers.
    • Facility upgrades for many of the campus buildings' HVAC and electrical systems. Replacement of older fan motors and belts, installation of variable speed drives for fan and pump motors, replacement of air dampers, valves and heating/cooling coils.
    • Digital Energy Monitors on remaining administrative and academic buildings.
    • Lighting controls and occupancy sensors.
  • 2013 - Demand Response program begins, partnering with Kentucky Utilities and EnerNOC to reduce overall demand during the hottest days of the summer. MSU receives rebate checks at the end of the year.
  • 2013 - MSU receives over $35,000 in rebates from Kentucky Utilities for installing high-efficiency motors on air-handler fans and pumps, and variable speed drives to operate them.



Morehead State University has a successful Recycling Program:

  • Processing over 5 tons of bound library books, 95 tons of cardboard and mixed paper, and over 10 tons of shredded paper annually.
  • Recycling of fluorescent lighting tubes and printer/toner cartridges
  • MSU contracts with Creative Recycling's BluBox Technology to process over 2200 pounds of electronic waste, including LCD screens, computers, etc., and producing 0% landfill waste.


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