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Students Present Posters in Frankfort


Morehead State University President Wayne D. Andrews, Lt. Governor Jerry Abramson and other officials unveiled this year’s Posters-at-the-Capitol Thursday, Feb. 27.

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“These student projects, completed in collaboration with faculty members outside the traditional classroom setting, represent the personal, value added educational opportunities available at Morehead State University,” said President Andrews.

“The involvement of undergraduate students with faculty in research, scholarship, and other creative endeavors provides the type of rich academic environment necessary for the development of leaders with the intellectual skills and vision to guide the future social and economic development of our Commonwealth and the Nation. MSU is committed to the continued expansion of these scholarly opportunities for students in all academic programs through initiatives such as our unique Undergraduate Research Fellows program and our Celebration of Student Scholarship Week.”

More than 100 poster projects are on display throughout the Capitol.

A total of 26 MSU students collaborated with faculty to present posters at this year’s event.

Participants were:

Shelby Brickey of Sandy Hook and Noah Polk of Somerset worked with Dr. Johnathan Nelson, assistant professor of management. Their poster was titled “The Influence of Implicit Theories of Personality on Behavior in Organizational Settings.”

Sharon Brooke of Louisville collaborated with Dr. Jen O'Keefe, associate professor of geology and science education, and Michelle Johnston. Her poster was titled “Examining Microbial Diversity in a Paleocene Wilcox Group Coal from Texas.”

Lindsay Burton of Olive Hill worked with Dr. Joy Gritton, associate professor of art. Her poster was titled “Renaissance Gold Gilding.”

Amy Clausen of Cincinnati and Olivia Fulton of Hillsboro, Ohio, collaborated with faculty mentor Dr. Sarah Hawkins-Lear, assistant professor of education. Their poster was titled “Using Constant Time Delay to Teach Discrete Skills to Individuals with Significant Disabilities.”

Chelise Lynn Conn of Printer worked with Dr. Kristina DuRocher, associate professor of history. Her poster was titled “The Eugenics Movement in America, 1920-1980.”

Michael Cundiff of Elizabethtown worked with Dr. Joy Gritton, associate professor of art. His poster was titled “Individuality and the Military Construct: Nose Art in a World of Order.”

Sarah George of Elizabethtown and Kelsey Kuessner of Butler collaborated with faculty mentors Dr. Beverly McCormick, professor of real estate, and Dr. Janet Ratliff, assistant professor of management/entrepreneurship. Their poster was titled “A Comparison of Entrepreneurial Perspectives between Middle School Students and College Students.”

Andrew Greene of Nancy worked with Dr. Hans Chapman, assistant professor of applied engineering and technology. His poster was titled “Assessment of the Solar Energy Variability and Effects in Eastern Kentucky.”

Allison Johnston of Georgetown worked with Dr. E. Noel Earl, assistant professor of speech. Her poster was titled “Leadership: Lessons Learned at Summer Camp.”

Tyler Lambert of Mt. Sterling and Adriana Neely of Morehead collaborated with faculty mentors Dr. Steven Chen, associate professor of sports management, and Dr. Janet McCoy, interim director of the Center for Leadership and Professional Development. Their poster was titled “Faculty Members’ Perception and Motivation for Engaging in Service Learning.”

Katherine Messer of Morehead worked with Dr. Alana Cain Scott, associate professor of history. Her poster was titled “Cries for Democracy: The Causes of the 1989 Student Protests at Tiananmen Square.”

William Parker of Ages Brookside collaborated with faculty mentor Dr. Gary O'Dell, professor of geography. His poster was titled “Historic ‘Moonshine’ Distilling Sites in the Daniel Boone National Forest.”

Biswas Sharma of Kathmandu, Nepal, worked with Dr. Thomas Pannuti, associate professor of astrophysics and space science. His poster was titled “Studying the Dynamical Disturbance in Galaxy Clusters Cores through Analysis of Chandra X-ray Observations.”

Tyler Spencer of Morehead, Porsha Smith of Virgie, Christopher Thompson of London, Francis Ibekwe of Morehead, and Jamie Jex of Morehead, collaborated with faculty mentors Dr. Christine Emrich, associate professor of geography, and April Haight, director of the Center of Environmental Education. Their poster was titled “Assessment and Use of Park and Recreation Areas in Rowan County, Kentucky.”

Alexandria Wages of Morehead and Allison Blair of Somerset worked with Dr. Kim Nettleton, assistant professor education. Their poster was titled “Break Before You Start.”

Andrea Wilhoite of Union collaborated with faculty mentor Dr. Wilson Gonzalez-Espada, associate professor of physics and science education. Her poster was titled “Use of CAM Therapies among College Students in Eastern Kentucky: Is There a Relation with Attitudes toward Science?”

Additional information about this event and opportunities for undergraduate research at MSU is available by calling 606-783-2010.


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