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Developmental English courses prepare students for the writing and analytical tasks they will encounter in the next course in the developmental writing sequence, and the successful completion of core writing classes within MSU’s general education framework. All Developmental English courses at Morehead State University are taught in the Department of English.

Student Goals

  • Develop effective communication skills gained from locating, selecting, organizing and presenting information through the writing and revising of paragraphs and essays.
  • Edit effectively according to the conventions of standard American English.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of a citation form such as MLA (099 only).
  • Develop useful life skills.

Which English course should I take?

Incoming students who have an ACT subtest score in English of less than 18 are required to take a placement test.  

We offer two college readiness English courses.  Developmental Writing (ENG 090) reviews basic grammar, punctuation and mechanics and emphasizes writing/revising for clarity and correctness.  Basic Writing (ENG 099) provides students with an opportunity to develop a basic ability to read, write and reason analytically, as well as to incorporate and document basic research into one’s own writing.

Students should enroll in Developmental Writing (ENG 090) if they have an English ACT score of 13 or less

Students should enroll in Basic Writing (ENG 099) if they have successfully completed ENG 090 and have an English ACT score of 14 to 17.

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