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 Developmental Reading Teaching and Student Assessment

The Role of the Teacher

The instructor serves as a facilitator of instruction. Individual study plan contracts, which address diagnosed needs as well as student interests, are designed for students. Each contract period covers approximately two to three weeks of class work. The number of contracts and time periods covered may vary. The instructors confer with individual students, providing guidance and one-on-one instruction when it is needed. The instructors  use instruction devices, materials and techniques for improving reading abilities. Students do some group study, and tutors are available through the Tutoring and Learning Center.


Grades will be based upon satisfactory completion of assigned contracts by due dates. Grades for this course will be based upon the total number of points earned during the semester. Students will complete a series of contracts during the semester. Each contract grade will include the following:

  • 5 points: completion of vocabulary study cards
  • 15 points: word study (context exercise sets 1 and 2) and online dictionary exercises
  • 20 points: vocabulary test (50 words per contract)
  • 20 points: comprehension exercises ( computer skill exercises, etc.)
  • 20 points: timed readings (10 per contract)
  • 10 points: reading response (Independent reading assignment documentation /summarization / response / tests on novels)
  • 10 points: other assigned work (study skills, word parts,prefixes, suffixes and root words, analogies, synonyms, dictionary skills, etc.)
  • 100 points total (individual contracts vary on the number of points students receive for each section of the contract.)

Grade Scale

              90 -- 100 = A
              80 -- 89 = B
              70 -- 79 = C
              60 -- 69 = D
              Below 60 = E

*Note: In the event that classes are cancelled, students will need to log onto Blackboard to check on assignments to be done in lieu of class attendance.

To successfully complete EDEL 096 or EDEL 097, students must obtain a grade of “C” or higher, as is required for all developmental courses. Students who do not obtain a grade of “C” or higher must retake the course.

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