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MSU Home :: DIVERSITY :: Meeting Minutes Sept. 4, 2013

President’s Diversity Council Meeting 9/4/13



Ritta Abell, Adam Black, Jerel Benton, Evangeline Day, Stephanie Garner, Jaime Gordon, Charles Holloway, Pamella Jaisingh, Sara Larson, Kathy Lewis, Joshua Moore, Clarenda Phillips


*Charles Holloway welcomed the committee back for the current school year and introductions were made of new members on the committee.

Recruitment of Faculty and Staff  

*Stephanie Garner requested feedback about the publications or websites that we should use to attract diverse faculty and staff as we know we have challenges in this area. The question was also asked how diverse are the candidate pools when hiring is done? Charles Holloway shared with the committee that he works with HR on this.

Enrollment update

*The committee reviewed the enrollment data that was shared as of 9/2/2013. The enrollment comparison for Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 were reviewed and there is an increase in the total number of underrepresented students on campus.

Disabilities Services 

*Evangeline Day shared that about 240 students have requested assistance from her office. There are currently two personal coaches available to assist with services. PDC will also review the retention rate of the students that utilize the disabilities services in the future. Clarenda Phillips stated that faculty could benefit with more face to face instruction on how to service students with disabilities. PDC should advocate for this being a part of Professional Development. Adam Black stated that SEED could probably work with Disabilities Services to assist with the professional development.   

Diversity Initiatives  

*Much More To Me (MM2M)

*More than 50 young ladies are a part of the program. Their retention rate from last year was over 90%. All of the young ladies have mentors and they are planning a retreat next weekend for upper-class females.

*Male Empowerment Network (MEN)

*Joshua Moore stated that the barbershop forums will start in the middle of September and will go through December. The forums will take place in the Eagle Diversity Educational Center located on the first floor of Allie Young.


*Orientation meeting was held and about a third of the students attended and half of the mentors where present.  There are 116 students in the program.  Sixty-eight FTFR, and Forty-eight upperclassmen. 


*No update

*Student Empowering Exceptional InDividuals (SEED)

*Adam Black stated that they are revamping their focus to concentrate on mentoring college students versus high school and middle school students as they have in the past. They are planning for their 3rd annual Dancing with the Faculty. 

Campus Climate

*Charles Holloway shared with the committee the results of the Campus Climate Survey. The committee will review the data and provide Charles Holloway with more questions or items that need to be address. Ritta Abell wanted to ensure that those who participated did receive their prizes. PDC members requested additional information on whether particular groups of students were having similar experiences.

Open Discussion 

*Charles Holloway reviewed with the committee our retention rates and enrollment numbers for Fall 2012. Based on the information, Jaime Gordon asked the question about what we are doing to ensure that we continue to increase our Hispanic/Latino numbers. Charles Holloway shared with the group that Enrollment Services is looking to partner with K’LEA (Kentucky Latino Education Alliance) to increase our numbers. Charles Holloway also shared with the group that he had had a prior meeting with individuals on campus to discuss services that we need to have in place to ensure that our Hispanic/Latino students had resources available. Sara Larson shared with the committee that the Catholic Church had services at noon and that they were in Spanish. 

*Charles Holloway also shared with the PDC that we will need to review the Diversity Plan (2011 -2015) since the university is in the process of updating the Strategic Plan. The diversity plan will be sent to the committee to review. 

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