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What is the ALLYance?

The ALLYance is an established group determined to shape the views of those around us through providing resources, education, awareness, and support to Morehead State University students, faculty, and staff and the surrounding community.

We focus focus primarily on issues that relate to sexual orientation, and work toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, questioning/queer, intersexed, asexual and allied (LGBTQQIA) equality throughout the community. The ALLYance is an advocacy organization that envisions an institution where people are ensured of their basic human rights and can be open, honest, and safe.

Do I have to be gay to be in the ALLYance?

NO! The ALLYance is a student organization at Morehead State. Members include LGBT individuals and their allies. Our goal is to promote equality and acceptance and everyone's support is welcome! 

How many people at MSU are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender?

Although it is difficult to to give an exact percentage of those who identify as LGBT, the accepted average is currently estimated at 5-10%. However, many feel that this number is inaccurate as many people do not report their orientation in census data.

Morehead State University has a current enrollment of over 10,000 students. Based on the estimate that at least 10% of our students identify as LGBT, there are 900 students, not including allies, who benefit from the ALLYance's presence on campus. Similarly, MSU employs over 1,100 people, suggesting that we are home to at least 110 LGBT faculty and staff. 

(Source: Gallup)


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