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Join an NPHC Group

The ultimate mission of all National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) organizations is public service. Membership within the Greek community provides individuals with an opportunity to network and mix with a wide array of people and their unique personalities. Whether socializing with current chapter members, visiting alumni members, or interacting with other Greeks, members develop close bonds and friendships that are often unbreakable and maintained throughout their lives.

Membership in NPHC organizations extends beyond the college experience. Upon initiation, individuals accept a lifetime commitment to the goals and objectives of their respective organization. Each member is expected to align him/herself with a graduate chapter after graduation. The member is also expected to attend regional and national meetings and conferences, and take an active part in the matters affecting the community in which he/she resides.

To learn more about MSU's represented organizations, attend the various activities and programs sponsored by the NPHC and individual chapters that take place throughout the academic year.

NPHC Membership Intake Process 

You will interact with the Graduate Advisor, who is certified by the fraternity or sorority's national organization. The Graduate Advisor may not be the same as the on campus advisor, but the on campus advisor can provide you contact information for the Graduate Advisor so you can as him/her questions. Membership questions for NPHC chapters should be directed to the Graduate Advisor and not to the members. An interested person can visit the international web sites listed above for general membership information that would be non-specific to the local chapter.

NPHC organizations participate in membership intake, the process of selecting, educating and initiating new members, at a time deemed by the specific organization. Membership intake is highly regulated by each of the national organizations. Generally, students must have a minimum GPA of a 2.5 on a 4.0 scale and be involved on campus and in the community. Some groups do not accept first semester freshmen.

Aspirants, or interested persons, should note that individual organizations hold informational meetings throughout the school year. These meetings will be advertised throughout various locations on campus and will provide aspirants with the opportunity to learn more about an organization and perhaps get specific intake questions answered. Students who are interested in learning more information about the entire council are encouraged to attend the annual NPHC informational.




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