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Tuition & Fees FAQ 


Is the tuition for internet courses more than face-to-face courses?

No, the tuition rate is the same for internet and face-to-face courses.  However, beginning with the fall 2016 semester there will be an additional $10 per credit hour online course fee for academic courses delivered with at least 50% of the instruction online.

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If I take more than 18 credit hours, what will I be charged?

Undergraduate students enrolled in more than 18 credit hours will be charged the full-time rate PLUS the additional per credit hour rate for each credit hour above 18.

Example (per semester)


Full-Time Rate

(12-18 credit hours)

Per Credit Hour Rate (each credit hour above 18)







International$10,663 $889



If I previously received the Non-Resident Academic Scholarship, what will my net tuition cost be under the new tuition model?

To simplify tuition pricing and scholarship awards while maintaining affordability for non-resident students, the following changes were implemented with the fall 2016 semester:

  • Reduced the non-resident tuition rate as previously planned by 40%
  • Discontinued the Non-Resident Academic Scholarship

Although we are not renewing the Non-Resident Academic Scholarship, the net savings to the student as a result of this change is $265 per semester or $530 annually.  To illustrate the cost savings to the student, a comparison between the previous model and the new model is presented below.

Example (per semester)

 Previous Model New Model 

Full-Time Tuition



Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship



Net Cost



Savings to student under new model: $265 

What is the tuition rate for non-resident graduate students?

Resident, non-resident and international graduate students will be billed at the same rate of $579 per credit hour.

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Is there a full-time rate for graduate students?

No, graduate students are billed on a per credit hour basis.

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