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Report a crime

The Morehead State University Police Department maintains a 24-hours a day, 7 days per week operation. Sworn police officers and state certified dispatchers are on duty to respond to any crime, suspected crime, or incident, requiring police attention. Emergency phones are available throughout the campus. The MSU Police Department Safety actively participates in new student orientation programs to promote crime awareness and reporting.

If you are the victim of crime, suspect that a crime has been committed, or have witnessed a crime, report this to the MSU Police Department, 100 Laughlin Health Building., phone 606-783-2035, call 911, or send an e-mail to:

MSUPD also provides an online anonymous tip line, if you would prefer to remain unidentified.

Crime Prevention and Security Awareness

The Division of Student Success utilizes both on-campus and off-campus resources to make students aware of the dangers they may encounter throughout their college experience. They Morehead State University Police Department presents regularly scheduled programs at orientations and in residence hall promoting crime prevention and security awareness. Topics include theft, rape, drugs and alcohol. Crime reporting is stressed in all programs by the MSU Police Department.

Engravers are made available for students, faculty, and staff to engrave valuable personal property. A crime alert program provides for residence hall notices to be posted in specific threats areas and a voice mail bulletin board system will be used to make announcements to the University community as needed. Media releases or generalized threats to the campus population will be made in coordination with the Office of Communications.

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