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MSU Web Site - Overview

MSU's Web site is a key means of communicating our brand promise and interacting with prospective students and families. The Office of Communications and Marketing is responsible for ensuring that the MSU's Web presence follows our branding and style guidelines and provides accurate and timely information to our public audiences (prospective students and families, alumni, donors, friends of MSU, community). 

How we're organized

The OCM works closely with the Office of Information Technology - Web Shared Services, to manage MSU's Web site, by development of the site look, feel and functionality, as well as providing consultation and support to MSU units for departmental and service Web sites. We are also responsible for making sure that the MSU Web site follows appropriate guidelines for accessibility, copyright, etc. OCM and OIT-WSS collaborate on the MSU Web site and many other projects including MyMoreheadState portal, Tweagle (MSU on Twitter), MSU Facebook site, recruitment software, and many others.

Online tools

MSU Web site is built using a content management system Ektron CMS400.NET, which allows us to build a dynamic site with global templates, allowing for consistent branding throughout the entire site. The CMS also allows individual Web contributors the ability to create and modify Web content in an editor, similar to word processing software. Design and layout are provided by OCM. Technical support and site development is provided by OIT-WSS. The MSU Web site is focused on our external audiences - prospective students and families, alumni, donors, friends of MSU and the community.

MSU's intranet, MyMoreheadState portal is targeted at our internal constituents - employees and current students. MyMoreheadState provides online tools, services and information in one convenient location. Many tools are single-sign-on (SSO), and we hope to add more in the future. Further content development is underway for MyMoreheadState including many of the documents, policies, procedures, etc. that employees and students need on a regular basis.

MSU's presence on various social media is also managed by OCM with assistance from OIT-WSS. If you are interested in an official MSU Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or YouTube presence, please email our office at

Tweagle - MSU's official Twitter site is a joint project between OCM and OIT-WSS. If your office/service would like to participate, please let us know and you'll receive training, an avatar and guidance on how to use Twitter for communication.

Policies on Web content, social media and other online communication can be found in the Policies section of the OCM Web site.

Web planning

We are currently in the process of developing our new site in an updated version of Ektron CMS400; many sites still exist on the previous The plan for this conversion is as follows:

  1. Academic programs core information (through February 2011)
  2. Academic department web sites - consulting and development (through May 2011)
  3. Non-academic office and service site development (through July 2011)

MyMoreheadState portal continues to be under development.

For more on Web updates and information, visit The Tangled Web,

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