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Print Project request Form

If you need assistance in promoting your event or need marketing materials, you MUST complete the form below. Someone from our office will contact you within three business days after receiving your request. This form must be completed and submitted at least 4 weeks in advance of your requested deadline or special event in order to ensure timely production. Requests outside of this timeline will be handled as soon as possible, however there is no guarantee that requested deadlines can be met. You will be notified upon receipt of this request whether or not the Office of Communications and Marketing can meet your deadline. Please complete all necessary fields and provide as much information as you can, to help facilitate the process. Incomplete or inaccurate information may result in a delay for your project. Projects with institutional priority take precedence.

  Yes, I have read and understand the terms above. 

Today's date: (MM-DD-YYYY)   



Contact person:   




  Please send me a copy of this project request.

This project will be paid for by:   this office,   other (please specify:   ).
An On-Campus Transaction form must be received in the Office of Communications and Marketing prior to production. 

Deliver finished project to:   

Project name:   (Note: This to have a project designed and printed; if you just need a quick print or copies, you may just take that to Document Services and you do not need to complete this form.) 

Date when finished product is needed in hand:   (MM-DD-YYYY)

What type of project do you need?    Other:    


Estimated size:    Other:   

What type of paper do you want?    Other:    

        What color paper?    

Color for project:   



What is the purpose of this piece?    





Who is the intended audience? Select all that apply - use CTRL to select multiple. 


Will this be mailed?  YES      NO     If yes, what is the quantity for mailing?   
Mailing lists must be submitted to the Office of Communications and Marketing prior to printing. 

  I will submit text, photos and/or other supporting materials by e-mail. 





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