Query Builder Workshop

*Query Builder I, II, III, IV, V* This two-part workshop begins with a basic overview of a relational database.  Participants will learn about the University's administrative database, file structure, dictionaries, records, saved lists, and multi-valued fields.  Using a hands-on approach, participants will use IBM's Query Builder to generate saved lists, learn how to sort the lists, generate reports from the lists, and experiment with formatting and outputting of the reports in various file formats.

*Query Builder Research Tools I, II* focuses on the various research Tools and Techniques used for locating/determining file and field information that can be used in creating custom reports.

Prerequisites - QUERY uses the Datatel Colleague system, not WebAdvisor.  Users must have a Colleague account and knowledge of proper login.  To obtain a Colleague account, call Starlet Johnson at 783-2472.

Instructors - Patrick Gonzalez, Martha Patrick