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Using the MSU Employee Directory

In order to aid students as well as the general public in finding and contacting employees at MSU, we have created an online employee directory system.  All MSU faculty and staff are listed in the directory along with their contact information such as an office location, office phone number and email address.  A “Directory” link is listed on the bottom of every page on the MSU website to make getting to the directory easy.

Our online directory is a search-as-you-type directory.  You do not have to hit the “Enter” or “Return” key to see results.  Simply start typing and the results of the search will show in the “Results” block at the bottom.  As you continue to type, the search is refined and narrowed to constantly show the best results for your search as you type it in the text entry boxes.

Searching for an employee

By default, the directory searches for MSU employees based on their name.  So when you visit the directory, the “Name” tab is already active.  To search for an employee, simply type the name in the appropriate box, either first name or last name.  You can also search by typing information in both the first and last name fields to help narrow a search.  Results of the search should begin to show in the “Results” box as soon as 2 letters have been typed in either the first and / or last name fields.

Searching for a department

To search for a department you will need to click on the “Department” tab.  This section will also search employee titles which is useful if you only know the title of the person you are looking for.  A good example is if you are searching for a Financial Aid Counselor you can type “financial” into the text box on the “Department” tab and it will display the information for MSU Enrollment Services.  However, you won’t see any results until at least 3 letters of the department name or title have been entered.  In the case of our example, “financial”, you will see the first search results once you have entered “fin” into the text box.  Finishing the search by continuing to type the full word “financial” in the text box, will further reduce the results to show only those departments with employees whose title contain the word “financial” or departments with the word “financial” in their name.

Doing a reverse look up on a phone number

If all you have is an MSU phone number and you want to look up who the number belongs to you can use our “Reverse Phone” tab on the directory to do just that.  Simply click the tab and then enter the last 4 digits of the phone number.  For instance, if the phone number you wanted to look up was (606) 783-2068 you would only enter 2068 in the text box.  In the Results block directly below the phone number entry you should see the results as you type like the rest of the directory, however, the reverse phone number search will not start showing results until at least 3 numbers have been typed.

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