Concessions & Vending
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Concessions  Concessions and Vending

Purpose:  Concessions & Vending provides students, faculty, staff and visitors the ability to purchase snacks, drinks and concession type items in an efficient and convenient manner across campus.

Operation:  Concession stands are operated by employees of Morehead State University and are accessible at and during most major athletic and special events (i.e. high school regional tournaments, outdoor shows, etc.).  The usual fare of concessions type operations is offered (i.e. soft drinks, popcorn, hot dogs, pizza, etc.). 

The snack and beverage vending service is self-operated by Morehead State University employees.  Through an exclusive agreement with Pepsi, the latest technology in drink vending machines and products are available.  Snack vending machines are both owned and operated by the University and are located across campus in most major buildings.

All campus vending machines accept BeakerBUCKs as well as coins.  To use BeakerBUCKs, tap your EagleCard on the flyBUY card reader and make your selection.  The funds are deducted from your balance.

To report a reader offline or a vending unit not functioning properly, please contact the Concessions & Vending Office at (606) 783-2560 or

A card with an invalid chip will not work in any machine.  Any card that has an invalid chip must be taken to the EagleCard Office to be reactivated.  The EagleCard Office is located in ADUC, room 107.  You can contact the EagleCard Office at (606) 783-2701.