Center for Leadership and Professional Development
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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Center for Leadership and Professional Development is to support excellence in teaching and learning at Morehead State by:

Identifying and implementing new initiatives needed to support the professional development and teaching excellence of faculty;

Supporting the University's P-16 initiative by partnering with teachers within the region to network on issues of common interest;

Encouraging faculty to apply scholarly methods to enhance the effectiveness of instruction with a variety of student constituencies;

Promoting the concept that teaching and learning are lifelong efforts that occur throughout one’s career and lifespan;

Encouraging collaboration and sharing of expertise;

Identifying strategies for enhancing student learning both within and outside of the traditional classroom, and helping faculty and staff implement those strategies.


In order to achieve its purposes, the Center will: 

  • Coordinate mentoring activities for first-year faculty; 

  • Facilitate individual mentoring from experienced faculty 
  • Arrange for presentations and workshops; 
  •  Maintain a calendar of faculty development activities through the university web site; 
  •  Develop a collection of books, articles, bulletins, videotapes and other resources related to the scholarship of teaching and learning;   
  •  Foster collegial interaction through bodies such as the Technology Roundtable; 
  •  Coordinate showcases of faculty teaching approaches;
  •  Provide instructional equipment for the purpose of scholarly study and practice.  
  • These services are intended to help faculty: 

  •  Plan courses
  •  Assess course outcomes 
  • Interpret course evaluation data 
  • Deal with diverse student populations 
  • Adapt to multiple intelligences 
  • Remove barriers to effective teaching
  •  Explore collaborative models for teaching and learning 
  • Using active learning techniques 
  • Approach the general education program from a holistic perspective
  • Develop technology-based methods of learning