Commonwealth Educational Opportunity Center
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Our Services Include:

Educational Information

  • We serve as a clearinghouse for information on all postsecondary institutions
  • We provide a reference library of academic, career planning, and financial aid information
  • Directories for community and technical colleges, trade schools, and four-year institutions are available for your use

Application Assistance

  • We assist you with completing postsecondary school admissions applications
  • We assist you with completing financial aid applications
  • We assist you with completing your financial aid application using FAFSA on the Web

Financial Aid Information

  • Information on federal and state financial aid programs
  • Veterans' and active military, (and their families), education benefits
  • State and local scholarship programs
  • Scholarship sources for minorities, women, handicapped, and other groups

Career Counseling

  • We can help you plan your career
  • We administer interest and career exploration questionnaires

Academic Advising

  • We assist you with planning your college major and class selection


  • We provide small-group workshops on study skills, financial aid, career decision-making, computer literacy, and many other topics

Referral Services

  • We arrange for free tutoring for classes when needed
  • We serve as a resource to participants for referral to other community agencies for services CEOC is unable to provide