CBPA - Student Services Center
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About Student Services

The Student Services Center provides academic advising, counseling and career information to all business students who have not yet completed the pre-business core transfer students  and  online completer students .  The center, located in the Bert T. Combs building - room 213,  is staffed with two full-time professional advisors who will be available to meet with students Monday – Friday, by email or by telephone.

 Advisors will…

• Understand and effectively communicate curriculum, graduation requirements, and university and college policies and procedures
• Listen to your concerns and respect your individual values and choices
• Assist you in defining your academic, career, and personal goals, and assist you in creating an educational plan that is consistent with those goals
• Be available to answer your questions through scheduled meetings or email
• Provide you with information about educational opportunities outside of the classroom
• Refer you to other campus offices as appropriate

Students should…

• Schedule and attend advising appointments at least once per semester
• Be involved in the advising process by being prepared to discuss your goals and educational plans during our meetings
• Be open and willing to consider advice from faculty, advisors, and other mentors
• Bring a list of questions to appointments and ask questions if you do not understand a topic we discuss during our meeting
• Review your degree progress each semester and track your progress towards completing your graduation requirements
• Read your email regularly
• Become knowledgeable of campus policies, procedures, and resources
• Take primary responsibility for making your own decisions based on available information and advice