Basic Training
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 Alphabetical List of Advising Resources

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Academic Bankruptcy

Academic Grievance

Academic Honors

Academic Policies

Academic Terms

Academic Warning\Probation

ACT Course Placement Guidelines

Account Activation (Eagle Account Center)

Athletic Advising (Under Advising Resources, click on NCAA Requirements) 



Billing, Student

Blackboard Resources

Blackboard Training



Career Services


Change of Address Form

Changing your Name

Counseling Center

Course Load

Course Numbering

Curriculum Maps




Degree Completion Checklist

Developmental Course Placement Guidelines

Developmental Education FAQs

Disability Services

Distance Learning Help Desk

Distance Instruction Librarian

Dropping a Course



Enrollment Verification



FERPA Guidelines

Financial Aid Awards

Financial Aid Office



General Education Requirements

Grading System

Graduation Checklist



Health Services

High School Students Taking Classes



International Students Admissions

International Student Support Services

ITV Resources



(Tutoring and) Learning Center

Letter of Intent, Signing



Map of Campus

Military Credit Evaluation

Minority Retention Office




Non-Trad Resources

Non-Trad Students Admissions



Official Transcript Request

Online Library Services



Pass/Fail Option

Police Anonymous Tip Line

Pre-College Curriculum

Provisional Studies



Registration Process

Repeating a Course



Satisfactory Academic Progress, Financial Aid

Scholarships, MSU

Scholarships, Outside

Second Degrees

Student Billing

Student Classification

Student Health Services

Student Life

Student Records



Testing Center

Transcript Request

Transfer Course Equivalencies

Transfer Students

Trial Schedule Sample 

Tutoring and Learning Center



UARs – University Administrative Regulations

Undergrads Enrolling in Graduate Classes



Veteran Services



Withdrawing from a class

Withdrawing from the university 


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