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ASPIRE 2010-2014 Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (DRAFT for review)

In 2009, Morehead State created our strategic plan, ASPIRE to Greatness 2010-2014. In order to ensure alignment of our goals, supporting objectives, and key measures of performance with those identified by the Council on Postsecondary Education’s (CPE) strategic plan, Stronger by Degrees, I requested that the Strategic Planning Committee review our current plan. The committee completed this work throughout the fall 2012 semester. They carefully analyzed the ASPIRE goals to determine how the key performance indicators in both ASPIRE and Stronger by Degrees might best align. As a result, some indicators were added, deleted, or revised. The committee has recently provided recommendations for our consideration. The Cabinet, Planning Committee, and I would appreciate your feedback on their recommendations at this point in the process.

Continued collective and individual participation in the planning process by members of the MSU Board of Regents, faculty, administration, staff, students, alumni and other friends of the University will strengthen our strategic plan.

Please take some time to review ASPIRE to Greatness and the revised key performance indicators below. We ask that you complete this review and provide comments on the feedback form by February 11, 2013.

-Wayne D. Andrews

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Key performance indicators (KPI) and selected metrics are monitored on an annual basis to evaluate progress toward reaching each of the six ASPIRE goals. Annual progress reports with KPI targets for future performance will help ensure that the University maintains course toward its vision of becoming the best public regional university in the South. 

 GOAL 1: Academic Excellence

  • Average ACT score of incoming freshmen. 
  • Percentage of FTFTFR fully college ready. 
  • Amount of funding applied to MSU Scholarships awarded to students to which academic criteria is attached.
  • Number of students who receive scholarship first year and return with scholarship second year
  • A comparison of the success rate of students who took a developmental course in English, Math and/or Reading in their next course in that discipline compared to students who did not take a developmental course, what percentage pass the following course taken for credit. 
  • Percentage of students participating in the Celebration of Student Scholarship. ( % change from previous year.)
  • New Teacher Excellence

GOAL 2: Support of Student Success

  • # of graduate assistantships
  • # of internships completed for credit as part of a course
  • # of undergraduate research fellowships awarded
  • Service learning (as measured by number of courses and sections offered annually)
  • # of students participating in athletics
  • # of students belonging to student organizations
  • # of FY Seminar sections offered each year
  • Avg. satisfaction rating of students enrolled in FYS courses during academic year
  • # of students receiving Honors Scholarship
  • # of students returning and retaining Honors Scholarship from first to second year

GOAL 3: Productive Partnerships

  • # of units participating in Productive Partnerships (available in WEAVE)
  • # of goals and objectives in Productive Partnerships (WEAVE)

GOAL 4: Improved Infrastructure

  • Housing Occupancy – percentage of available beds rented. 
  • Percentage of faculty compensated at or above the average CUPA salary by rank and discipline. 
  • Percentage of staff compensated at the average market salary based on employment category. 
  • Percentage of total classroom renovations completed. 
  • Percentage of total residence hall rooms renovated. 

GOAL 5: Resource Enhancement

  • Total external research and development funding. 
  • Percentage of external research and grant proposals funded. 
  • Total F & A funds earned from external research and development awards. 
  • Total endowment amount. 
  • Private support from the MSU Foundation, Inc. transferred to support MSU operating needs. 
  • Total auxiliary and other revenue generated.

GOAL 6: Enrollment Growth, Retention and Graduation Rates

Enrollment Growth
  • Undergraduate enrollment headcount 
  • Graduate enrollment headcount 
  • Undergraduate enrollment of underrepresented minority students headcount 
  • Graduate enrollment of underrepresented  minority students headcount 
  • Veterans /dependent enrollment headcount
  • KCTCS Transfers 
  • Total Transfers 
  • Retention rate of FTFT Students cohort group 
  • Retention rate of FTFT Students admitted with developmental needs 
  • Retention Rate of FTFT students in low income group
  • Sophomore to junior retention rate 
  • Junior to senior rate 
  • Retention of veteran students
  • Retention of underrepresented minority students
  • Average student debt incurred 
Graduation Rates
  • Total Degrees Awarded
  • Bachelor’s degrees 
  • Master’s degrees 
  • Doctoral degrees 
  • Bachelor’s degrees awarded to underrepresented minorities 
  • Bachelor’s degrees awarded to veterans/dependents
  • Bachelor's degrees awarded to low income students
  • Master’s degrees awarded to underrepresented minorities 
  • Master’s degrees awarded to veterans/dependents
  • Doctoral degrees awarded to underrepresented minorities 
  • Doctoral degrees awarded to veterans/dependents
  • Six-year graduation rate of bachelor’s degree seeking student 
  • Bachelor’s graduation rate gap- Low income
  • Bachelor’s graduation rate gap- Underprepared
  • Bachelor’s graduation rate gap- Underrepresented Minority
  • Bachelor’s graduation rate gap- veterans/dependents
  • Net Direct Cost 
  • STEM + H Degrees
  • Online Learning
  • Credits to Degree


Ali Ahmadi
Lee Nabb
Shondrah Nash
Michael Fultz
Michael Harford          
Chris Miller    

Robert Royar
Tim O'Brien
Pamela Colyer
Jill McBride 
Michelle Hutchinson          
Rebecca McGinnis

Shannon Harr
Shayna Birchfield          
David Barnett
Emma Perkins
Michael Henson
Dan Connell

Sharon Reynolds
Jill Ratliff
Matt Collinsworth
Kevin Koett
John Ernst
Erin Wright



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