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Advisory Board

MSU at Ashland has an Advisory Board comprised of citizens from the service area who volunteer their time. They are appointed by MSU President Wayne D. Andrews to help MSU Ashland establish and maintain positive relationships with the public and to assist in resource development. The board meets quarterly. Chuck Charles is the current chairperson. The membership includes:    

Rep. Rocky Adkins, Sandy Hook 
                    Dean Janie Kitchen, Grayson
Sen. Walter Blevins, Sandy Hook
                    Mayor Tom Kelly, Ashland
Carroll Browning, Huntington, WV
                    John McGlone, Ashland
Chuck Charles,Ashland   
                    Rep. Tanya Pullin, South Shore
Dianne Clement, Ashland
Jim Purgerson, Ashland
Lydia Crawford, Ashland
Rep. Kevin Sinnette, Ashland
LuAnne Finley, Ashland
Rep. Robin Webb, Grayson    
Eleanor Kersey, Ashland
Sharon Kinner, Louisa