Administration & Fiscal Services
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Mission Statement and Goals

Mission Statement

The Division of Administration and Fiscal Services anticipates needs and provides service in support of the University's mission of excellence to instruction, research and public service through effective use of our human and fiscal resources and a commitment to continuous improvement.

The Division includes those units providing administrative, financial, facility, personnel, procurement, and environmental health and safety services essential to the University community.


  • Ensure that programs are structured in a manner that will enable students to successfully and conveniently acquire needed goods and services.
  • Comply with external and internal controls, maintain the institution's fiscal integrity, and provide accountability to the taxpayer.
  • Develop operating guidelines and procedures that enable faculty and administrators to meet their respective responsibilities and comply with internal and external policies and regulations.
  • Maintain a safe and quality work environment.
  • Develop the campus in accordance with the Campus Master Plan,  Housing Master PlanAthletic Facilities Master Plan and  Six-Year Capital Plan.
  • Provide staff and faculty professional development programs that enable employees to enhance job knowledge and skills in the workplace.
  • Develop compensation and benefit plans that enable the University to recruit, retain and motivate quality faculty and staff.
  • Educate and empower staff to serve the campus community in the most prompt, efficient, and effective manner.
  • Aggressively recruit and promote protected class individuals to advance diversity in the workplace and provide role models for students and junior staff.
  • Develop and implement the University's unrestricted operating budget and personnel roster.  Oversee the operating budget to ensure that budget activities are in accordance with University policies and procedures.