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Finance deals with how individuals and businesses make decisions with regard to spending and investment in an environment with scarce economic resources. Finance professionals must have a solid academic background that prepares them to make these types of decisions. The finance program at Morehead State University offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to meet these challenges by helping them acquire knowledge of fundamental finance concepts and develop sound analytical and decision-making skills. Finance majors can choose from one of three program tracks, which are specifically designed to prepare them for exciting and potentially lucrative careers in banking, corporate finance, or investments.

Undergraduate Program Objectives

Students completing the program should be able to:
Be prepared for an entry level management trainee position in the financial sector, in a manufacturing or service industry, or in any other major business (profit or non-profit) enterprise.

Be qualified for graduate study in finance, economics, management, marketing, or any other field directly related to finance by completing a sequence of finance courses which prepares them to: (a) do basic analysis of financial activity and/or events, (b) prepare written reports concerning financial activity and/or events, and (c) present oral reports concerning financial activity and/or events.


  • A finance degree with specialization's available in one or three areas, corporate, financial planning, and financial analyst
  • Student-Managed Investment Fund- finance majors manage two portfolios of stocks, real money -- not a simulation!
  • Heavy focus on incorporating technology in the classroom
  • Economics and Finance Club for student involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Student trips to such places as the Chicago Board of Trade and New York

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