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Through the BBA Option in Economics, students gain a basic understanding of market structures and processes and develop an ability to analyze economic problems. Economics is the study of how we make decisions, particularly how we choose among competing demands for our scarce resources. Economics focuses on the kind of thinking needed to make good decisions in business and in life. It also describes how decisions made by individuals, businesses and government interact to shape the economic, political, and social world in which we live. The economics program at Morehead State University offers a curriculum designed to prepare students to meet a variety of career challenges by helping them master fundamental economic concepts and develop sound analytical and decision-making skills. Business students who choose an economics emphasis receive sound training in all aspects of business in addition to taking specialized economics courses.

Undergraduate Program Objectives

Students completing the program should be able to:
Be prepared for an entry level management trainee position in a manufacturing or service industry, a public sector of the economy, or in any other major business (profit or non-profit) enterprise. Be qualified for graduate study in economics, finance, or other fields directly related to economics by completing a sequence of courses which prepares them to: (a) do basic analysis of economic and financial events, (b) prepare written reports concerning economic and financial events useful for making managerial and other business decisions, (c) present oral reports concerning economic and financial events.


The discipline of economics provides many benefits to students, including preparation for law school. One study examined the ranking of economics majors on the Law School Admission Test exam in 1991-1992 and 1994-1995. Among the 14 majors that had more than 2,000 students taking the exam, economics students received the highest average score in both years.

  • Cooperative Education Opportunities
  • Integrated program encompassing general education, content areas, pedagogical studies and professional preparation
  • Heavy focus on incorporating technology in the classroom
  • Economics and Finance Club for student involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Student trips to such places as the Chicago Board of Trade

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