Academic Advising
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 Course Load

Full Time Status
  • To be classified as full-time, a student must enroll for at least 12 semester hours in a regular semester and four semester hours in a summer term.
  • Audited and correspondence courses do not contribute toward a full-time load.
Maximum Load  
  • The maximum load a full-time undergraduate student may carry during any semester is 18 credit hours including audited courses.
  •  Enrollment in 19 to 21 credit hours is considered an overload.
Overload Policies
  • Students must have a 3.25 in the previous semester or overall cumulative GPA.
  • Students must have the approval of the academic advisor and the appropriate college dean.
  • Students must pay additional tuition per credit hour over 18 hours.
  • It is expected that no student shall be allowed to enroll in more than 21 hours in a regular semester and seven hours in a summer session.