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 Pass - Fail Course Options

The purpose of the pass-fail option is to let you explore elec­tive courses outside your area of specialization without engaging in grade competition with students specializing in those courses.
Application should be made at the Office of the Dean of your first major by the last day to add a class

Academic Requirements:

  • A minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA for 30 hours earned at MSU.
  • You are eligible as a transfer student with a mini­mum of 30 hours, if at least 12 hours were earned at MSU, and you have a 2.5 GPA on the work completed at MSU.
  • A maximum of 15 hours may be applied toward the total number of hours required for the bachelor’s degree.
  • Six hours may be applied toward associate degree require­ments.
  • The pass-fail option is  applicable only to free elective courses.
  • Courses required for your area, major, minor, or general education requirements are NOT eligible.
  • Each semester you may use the pass-fail option for one course (for any number of hours of credit), or a combina­tion of courses totalling up to three hours.
  • Hours earned in pass-fail work  are added to your total hours passed but do not affect your GPA.
  • Any grade of “D” or above is considered passing and is designated by “K.”
  • A failing grade is designated by “N.”
  • You may change course registration status from pass-fail to the conventional letter grading system, and vice versa, during the normal period to add a course.
  • You cannot transfer hours earned under the pass-fail option into any degree program.
  • Your status under the pass-fail option is not identified to instructors.
  • Instructors assign a conventional letter grade and the registrar converts the assigned letter grade to a “K” or “N,” as applicable.
  • Pass-fail credit may not be applied to a second degree.