Academic Advising
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The evaluation of the academic work of undergraduate stu­dents is indicated by letters as follows:
Standard Academic Course Grades
 A  Excellent – Valued at four quality points per semester hour.
 B  Good – Valued at three quality points per semester hour.
 C  Average – Valued at two quality points per semester hour.
 D  Below average – Valued at one quality point per semes­ter hour.
 E  Failure – No semester hours earned and no quality points.

Incomplete – Given only when a relatively small amount of work is not complete because of illness or other reasons satis­factory to the instructor. Incompletes must be made up by midterm of the following semester (summer school excluded). “I” is calcu­lated as an “E” in computation of GPA for the current term.


Course work has not been completed, and the student must register for same course the following semester; no credit hours or quality points (restricted to approved courses (such as developmental English, Reading, and Math courses).

R Course repeated – Replaces original grade for repeated course; not computed in GPA.
Pass-Fail Course Grades
K Credit, pass-fail course – Semester hours earned; no quality points; not computed in GPA.
N Failure, pass-fail course – No quality points; computed in GPA.
Withdrawal Grades
P Withdrew from school passing – Not computed in GPA.
F Withdrew from school failing – Computed in GPA as credits attempted.
U Unofficial withdrawal – Computed as credits attempted; computed as zero quality points in GPA calculation.
W Withdrew officially – No hours attempted; not comput­ed in GPA.
Audited Course Grades
Y Audit credit – No hours attempted; not computed in GPA; not applicable to degree program.
WY Withdrawal from audit class – Not computed in GPA.

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