Academic Advising
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Academic bankruptcy allows undergraduates with an unac­ceptable GPA to drop one semester’s work from consideration for MSU general education degree or program requirements.  

Academic Bankruptcy Policies
  • Undergraduate students who are granted bankruptcy status forfeit credit for all courses in the bankrupt semester.
  • The grades and credit hours earned during that semester are disregarded for MSU requirements, but the notation “academic bankruptcy” appears on the transcript beneath the semester’s work.
  • Undergraduate students declared eligible for bankruptcy for­feit credit for only one specified semester of pre-baccalaureate study.
  • Bankruptcy cannot be revoked once it has been granted.  
  • Only hours attempted at Morehead State University are considered for bankruptcy;
  • Transfer hours are excluded. 
 Requirements for academic bankruptcy
  1. A student must apply for bankruptcy before completing a baccalaureate degree at MSU.
  2. The student  must have attempted at least 48 semester hours at MSU. 
  3. For the term which a student is seeking to bankrupt, the student must have a GPA of at least 1.0 under the cumulative average for all other hours attempted at MSU.
Procedures for Declaring Academic Bankruptcy
  • To apply for academic bankruptcy, request an Academic Bankruptcy Form in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Complete the form, have it signed by your academic advisor and/or department head.
  • Take the Academic Bankruptcy form to the Registrar in Ginger Hall 201 for verifica­tion of eligibility.
  • The Registrar will notify you, your advisor, and/or head of your department in writing whether or not you are eligible.

If you are ruled ineligible and want to appeal, request recon­sideration at the Office of the Provost, 205 Howell-McDowell.