Are We Making Progress?
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Are We Making Progress? - 2006

More than 500 faculty and staff members participated in 2006 in our online survey process entitled "Are We Making Progress?"  That survey asked for your perceptions of the University and its senior administrators in seven key areas.

At the completion of the survey, your responses were tabulated and analyzed.  Based on your responses, we identified two areas in which to concentrate efforts for improvement -- internal communications and removing barriers to success.

"Are We Making Progress?" - 2006 Results
Are We Making Progress? – Faculty and Staff Perceptions Administrator Survey Results (2006 survey) (.pdf)
Are We Making Progress? Faculty only results (2006 survey) (.pdf)
Are We Making Progress? Staff only results (2006 survey) (.pdf) 

Following the publication of the results, six open forums were conducted to gather more specific information to assist us in making improvements in these areas.  As a result of your input, several programs have been implemented and others are being developed.  Our goals, pure and simple, are to do a better job of sharing information with you and to provide a work environment more conducive to your success.

Below is a link to a document that summarizes your comments from the forums. The resulting initiatives in place or being developed are shown in bold type following each comment.

Forum Feedback and Response (.pdf)