Are We Making Progress?
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During the week of April 19, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in the Are We Making Progress? survey.  We invite all faculty and staff to help MSU identify key areas for improvement for the University as a whole

Many of you participated in this important process in 2006 and 2008.  Each time, we analyzed and published the results of the survey, then used that information to focus on areas that you told us we could improve.  Additionally, we conducted open and informal meetings over these years with faculty and staff to gain information about specific things that could be done to improve.

We have summarized the issues raised and some of the programs that were implemented to address them.  We urge you to review that information prior to taking this year's survey.  Please review that information by clicking HERE.

We appreciate everyone's input to this process, and look forward to hearing from each and every faculty and staff member again this year. 

Are We Making Progress?

To help senior administrators at MSU identify key areas for improvement, faculty and staff have been invited to participate in the "Are We Making Progress?" survey.  The process helps senior administrators focus attention on key areas needing improvement at MSU.  A byproduct of this process is continual improvement of open communication at MSU.

The instruments used for this process were selected, revised and adapted by representatives of faculty, staff and administration at MSU.  Working with the Vice President for Administration and Fiscal Services and the Staff Congress Executive Committee, the Faculty Senate Evaluation Committee investigated, selected, and adapted the survey and related processes for MSU in 2006.

Together, we can effect significant continual positive change and progress at MSU.

Please feel free to explore this website and monitor it as we proceed with this survey process.  Thank you!