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  • Related Faculty Profiles for Hobbs, Toni (20)

    • Adams, Ann Marie

      Professor of English, Dr. Adams routinely teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in her primary area of specialization, twentieth-century British literature.

    • Ann Andaloro

      Associate Professor of Mass Communication
      Ph.D. in Communication Studies
      Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies
      203G Breckinridge Hall 


    • Bernadette Barton

      Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies

    • Carlson, Katy

      Katy Carlson received a B.A. in linguistics from Yale University in 1995, followed by a Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2001. Her research interests are primarily in psycholinguistics, focusing on how people understand sentences and how prosody and intonation affect comprehension.

    • Carole Olson

      Associate Professor of Social Work

    • Cathy Thomas

      Associate Professor of Speech Communication
      Ph.D. in Communication
      Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies
      303C Breckinridge Hall


    • Colburn, Glen

      Glen Colburn earned his Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He regularly teaches British literature surveys and courses in the English Novel.   His research interests are the history of the British novel, Augustan satire.

    • Collinsworth, Kelly

      Dr. Collinsworth is an Assistant Professor of Legal Studies with research interests in access to justice issues, civic education, service learning, and Harry Potter.

    • Conroy, Christina

      Dr. Conroy is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy with research interests in Metaphysics, especially as applied to the Everett interpretation of quantum mechanics & Epistemology.

    • Constance Hardesty

      Associate Professor of Sociology   

    • Cynthia Faulkner

      Professor; Social Work Program Director

    • Davison, Scott

      Dr. Davison is a Professor of Philosophy with research interests in Metaphysics, Ethics, & Philosophy of Religion.

    • Deborah Plum

      Assistant Professor of Communication
      Ph.D. in Mass Communication
      Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies
      315C Breckinridge Hall 


    • Deirdra Robinson

      Interim Field Director of Social Work

    • Dr. Brian Mason

      Associate Professor, Percussion - Music, Theatre and Dance

    • Dr. Chialing Hsieh

      Faculty Accompanist / Instructor -  Music, Theatre and Dance

    • Dr. Christopher Gallaher

      Professor Emeritus, Dept. Chair / Music Theory / Composition - Music, Theatre and Dance

    • Dr. David Oyen

      Professor, Bassoon / Graduate Music Coordinator - Music, Theatre and Dance

    • Dr. Deborah Eastwood

      Instructor, Music Theory / Music History and Literature - Music, Theatre and Dance

    • Dr. Donald Grant

      Department Chair / Professor of Music - Music, Theatre and Dance

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