Adult Education Center at West Liberty
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The MSU @ West Liberty Adult Education and Career Center offers a variety of services to area families. The programs are free and offer flexible hours to accommodate all schedules.  

GED Program-This is an individualized study program to prepare for and to pass the GED test.  There is computerized study, video tutoring, written materials, as well as, classes available for study. We also give the official GED Pre-test and certify test readiness which is necessary to take the GED test in Kentucky.  We have many graduates every year!

GED Testing-The actual GED test is given at MSU @ West Liberty once a month.  Testing is done by appointment only through our center once a student is shown the be test-ready.

Fast Track-A GED Boot Camp is offered for students that TABE test at a 7.5 or higher in all areas of the TABE test and want to speed through the process in a two week intensive program.

Brush-up Program-This program is for individuals who have a high school credential or equivalent but need to raise their reading, math, or writing skill level or ACT scores. This is an individualized program based on the the student's needs. These students are usually interested in preparing for an employment test, job advancement, or enrollment in college or technical school programs.

Family Literacy-Our Family Literacy program is for students who are studying to earn GED credentials and have children 18 or under.  In an effort to reduce the drop out rate and for parents to stop the cycle on under-education, we encourage parents to join the Family Literacy Program. Free books, family activities, child development tools, parenting classes and ongoing Family Literacy Events make this program enjoyable and educational for the whole family.