Academic Advising and Retention
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Advising Survey

This survey is connected to your primary academic advisor only in The Office of Academic Advising and Retention. Survey responses are anonymous (unless you choose to be included in the drawing for a $50 University Bookstore Gift Card).

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NOTE: Comment/suggestion fields are available for every question. We want to know your thoughts regarding your advising experience. By sharing information, we can improve the quality of advising and other services you receive from the Office of Academic Advising and Retention.

1. This web survey is connected to your primary academic advisor in Allie Young Hall (Office of Academic Advising and Retention). Type your advisor's name in the box below.

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2. What statement best describes how interactions between you and your advisor are initiated.


3. I prepare for meetings with my advisor (for example: my questions/concerns about degree requirements, college policies/procedures, declaring a major, future academic plans, etc. are well thought out to prior to my meeting with my advisor.)


4. My advisor is readily available to me during office hours by appointment, by email or by phone throughout the semester.


5. My advisor helps me to understand degree requirements, college policies/procedures, asks about my academic progress (discusses midterm grades), transcripts, the academic catalog, etc.


6. My advisor helps me identify my educational goals and interests and seems genuinely interested in the successful attainment of my goals (for example: helps me work on an academic plan, talks about deciding a major, discusses future educational and/or career plans, etc.)


7. My advisor encourages me to ask questions and to discuss my concerns about my academics and college in general. 


8. If my advisor cannot respond to my concerns, she makes the effort to refer me to the appropriate person, office, or other campus resource.


9. My advisor shows concern for me as an individual.


10. What statement best describes how you would rate the service you receive from your advisor?



11. Tell us how the quality of our advising services can be improved. We want to hear from you so that we can continue to improve the delivery of our services to assist you with your educational needs/goals.